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My mother passed away yesterday morning after a five month battle with lung and brain cancer. I just picked out the outfit to bury her in. I think she would have liked the choice a lot.

Today I fed a yak!

Today I went to the Ohio State Fair for the first time since I was in middle school. All I can remember from the last time that I went was seeing the butter cow and an alpaca and riding on a bunch of midway rides and then the ski lift. Oh, and log rolling. That was pretty cool.

The fair was cool.Collapse )

Food consumed: Ribbon-cut sweet potato fries, corn nuggets, old fashioned lemonade, and peanut & chocolate-dipped frozen cheesecake on a stick.

Food skipped: Chocolate-dipped bacon on a stick, egg on a stick, deep fried ravioli on a stick, crab rangoon (at the fair? yikes.)

PS. Hi, it's been awhile. :)

» Icon Post, The Fourth.

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated with icons. That does not mean I haven't been making any though. I've actually.. made a lot 8D! I've gotten caught up in the crazy world of icontests (explaining why some of these are reeeeally random) so.. I have lots of stupid icons from those to share. Some are very old and ugly, but oh well. :C!

Lots of icons~Collapse )

And because I am crazy, I am also working on a 100 icon challenge.

Comment / credit, if taking.

The end. D:
The retarded puppy strikes again:


Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
you're the big 22 =] =]
well at work so i g2g, byas!

.... In short? Happy birthday to me. (and dialogue)
FOR MAJI: очень とても

Feb. 14th, 2005

Yay valentine's day 8D! I spent the weekend making some really stupid valentines for everyone on my flist based on their interests.

So, uh, this post is image heavy and filled with stupidity. 8D!

And in no particular order whatsoever...!

For Rei-HelenCollapse )

For AddyCollapse )

For NellCollapse )

For RyanCollapse )

For Tanya-fluffCollapse )

For KylaCollapse )

For CarrotCollapse )

For DaniCollapse )

For GemiCollapse )

For KaiyuCollapse )

For LinsCollapse )

For TaimiCollapse )

For RyuCollapse )

For ZCollapse )

For WhitneyCollapse )

For VCollapse )

For The BlurtyCollapse )

For GenaCollapse )

For KoiCollapse )

For LizCollapse )

For MajiCollapse )

For MeiCollapse )

For RikuCollapse )

For SaraCollapse )

EDIT: Oops. Lins linked to Kaiyu, and Kaiyu wasn't even on there. ;_; Lins and Kaiyu have their correct valentines now. ;_;

EDIT TWO I knew I was going to miss uploading someone's card. ;_; Ahem. Anomie does indeed have a card. ;_;;;

For AnomieCollapse )

Jan. 17th, 2005

Okay, con was really fun. I need to harass Sara to DL some more pictures off of her camera.

Will write more later, but for now I just have a quick request. Does anyone know where to find good pictures from the video game Okage? I am having a really hard time finding much of anything which is odd considering how distinctive the art style is.


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